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> What's different about iso's this cycle?

Nothing is different in reference to the images. They test for entire 
drive install, alongside installs, manual partitioning and Live 
session. I am wondering, if they tests need to include something new, 
like install packages manually using aptitude, does the installer 
prompt an error if it detects a bad setting, or give options to install 
grub to another hard drive to name a few. Would that make the tests 
more interesting?

> Right. 
> And how do you think we can do that. If people don't run a 5 minute 
> test what makes you think they would do more? 
> The whole point of this thread is that there is next to no package 
> testing done and thus the work that 2 or 3 people do every cycle is 
> wasted. 
>> [snip]

Well for every package testcase, add a new test. Something different. 
Does not have to be overly technical, if there is no need for it. This 
new test should be colored or highlighted to indicate it is something 
new. Something similar to a call to testing of a new package. 

The basic functions of the package will always be tested. All we are 
doing is telling the testers to test other features. Exploratory 
testing I agree is the best way to test the system for bugs. Can we 
assume the testers will test every feature of a package or just the 
ones they use daily? By adding a new testcase, we can slowly start 
covering every feature of a package, at the same time teach the testers 
to go beyond basic testing remembering to dig deep into the package. If 
they don't, we still have testcases for those features for testers who 
actually like testing everything. 

What I am trying to say, make the testing a little more interesting. 
Something new every cycle. Also, we can remove the test for a feature 
and create another test for a feature that was not covered. In this 
attempt, we don't over extend the testcase itself.

Istimsak Abdulbasir. 
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