Vivid QA incentives report

Paul White paulw2u at
Sun May 24 16:50:14 UTC 2015

On Sun, 24 May 2015, at 17:21, elfy wrote:

> Assuming you're able to open the cards (- testing that would be great ;) 
> ) I could put notes as to anything specific we need looking at during 
> milestones there for anyone.

Yes, I can open the cards. I've registered as a Trello user as well.

> I'm still not sure if this would be any better than specifying when we 
> call at milestones.

May be, may be not but at least cards can be updated and the information
is still in one place. 
> I'm also not sure about weekly updates.

That was only something I was suggesting for a totally e-mail solution,
otherwise not required.

> Now - as far as the meeting goes - I'm happy for it to get discussed, 
> but unless we get people from the community along who are happy to test 
> and have opinions - it's just going to end up with me saying "some 
> people have suggested foo"

I'll be there to at least add a 'voice'.

> What would be a better idea in my opinion would be a testing/qa specific 
> meeting. If there are enough people interested in that type of thing 
> then maybe start a m/l thread and we can see who's up for it - then set 
> up a meeting in #xubuntu-devel when all (or the majority) can attend.

Another more specific meeting? Fine. The etherpad suggestion that you're
going to make in your *next* email will be a good one especially for
those far west of us and for anyone down under. :)
Paul White
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