TEAM: Wily Werewolf Package Testing

elfy elfy at
Sun May 24 10:44:13 UTC 2015

On 14/05/15 20:55, elfy wrote:
> This came up during the recent meeting.
> Given the work necessary to make sure that testcases are up to date 
> and available and the general lack of testing being reported to the 
> tracker for the last 2 cycles.
> I plan to not do so this cycle unless anyone thinks that we should - 
> and just thinking we should isn't likely to change my mind ;)
> Currently planning to mail this list and ping social media for 
> targetted app testing when it's required and requested by our devs.
I'm assuming that no-one has an issue with this plan and will move on.

I'll revisit the topic at the beginning of the next cycle.

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