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Sat May 23 19:49:02 UTC 2015

On 23/05/15 20:24, Ben Shaver wrote:
> Hello, from reading this over a bit, I understand there's "testers"? I'd love to contribute to testing of some kind. Could someone direct me to more info?

The information should all be there - if it's not let us know and it can be.

Make sure to join this list and

I mail both when things are up to be tested.

I mail the list for more specific reasons.

Come by the irc channel - people /will/ talk to you ;)

Currently if you want to make a start testing images - there are always 
dailies at

Xubuntu is at the bottom there.

Generally it's useful to either have hardware that you don't normally 
use and/or virtual machines. I use qemu and virt-manager or virtualbox 
for virtual machines.

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