Hello Xubuntu developers

Istimsak Abdulbasir saqman2060 at gmail.com
Thu May 21 17:58:54 UTC 2015

Greetings Xubuntu developers. My name is Istimsak Abdulbasir, and I am part
of the Ubuntu QA team testing iso images of both Lubuntu and Xubuntu. I use
both flavors on my productions systems. Xubuntu mainly for my desktops.

I have come to really admire Xubuntu for its easy of GUI customizations,
its stability and the simple beauty of the user interface. Because I love
it so much, it makes logical sense to contribute to the project. I want to
help the developers keep this ubuntu flavor stable and lean.

"Collaboration is the new innovation" (Istimsak Abdulbasir, 2013)
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