Vivid QA incentives report

elfy elfy at
Wed May 20 19:23:21 UTC 2015

On 16/05/15 13:47, Paul White wrote:
> [snip]
> I'm suggesting this as I'm often at a loss what to test for. I'm
> inundated with emails from various lists which I read at various times
> of the day on various devices and by the time I get around to do some
> testing at the weekend I've forgotten about the most important items.
> Anything that can highlight current testing requirements would be of
> great help to me and I'm sure to others.
Sorry about being a tad afk ...

For something this specific I don't actually believe that Launchpad is 
agile enough.

Picking up on this point there's no reason why we couldn't look at using 
something to do this.

Maybe Trello ... maybe an etherpad ... maybe wiki ...

The issue with etherpad (at least using Ubuntu one) is people need to be 
in a LP group to access that - not everyone is.

Trello - there is a QA trello instance - we could have a 'we want to 
test this' board on it - that trello is publically readable.

Wiki - I started last cycle with a 'skeleton'  wiki for us to use to 
build release notes against, no reason why not having a section there.

Mailing lists, I already mail the dev list and the LP testers when we 
want something tested - no reason why not be more specific when doing so.

Finally, if there is anything that I and the QA team can do to make life 
easier - we're all ears.



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