Package Testing Wily Cycle

elfy elfy at
Fri Jun 5 15:04:42 UTC 2015

This cycle we're not going to be using the package tracker at all. [1]

We'll be relying on users out there who are able to run tests when they 
can to flag issues, for example with the applications they are using or 
with odd theme problems.

More importantly if you are able to run the dev version for longer 
periods of time, then your observations and reports are likely to be 
more useful than a one-time run of any predetermined test we have.

If in addition you are able to run the dev version with our daily 
testing PPA's that will be of great help to the dev's.

For themes and icons use the Shimmer daily PPA. This PPA will include 
updates to the LibreOffice theme we will be using.

For packages that we include for testing use the Staging PPA, currently 
this only has 2 packages, as the cycle ages this is likely to increase.

Please use ubuntu-bug package to send bugs through to Launchpad when you 
find them. Once Launchpad has finished its processing please ensure that 
it is tagged with wily.

When you run into bugs for packages included in PPAs ubuntu-bug will not 
let you automatically send bug to Launchpad. In these cases you should 
be able to manually enter your bug.

Manually reporting bugs means that you will need to enter the wily tag 
yourself, this can be found near the bottom of the page under Extra Options.

It also helps if bugs you find with xfce packages could be reported on

We can then link the xfce bug to the Launchpad bug you've reported.

As always, people are happy to help if you let them - either on mailing 
list here or the IRC channel.

For more information on contributing to our QA please visit


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