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Thu Jul 23 09:35:18 UTC 2015

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Good Morning!

As I have told Pasi yesterday on #xubuntu-devel, I'm capable and
willing to work on this from October on. Before that I won't be able
to do so.

I have already subscribed to the relevant parts on Launchpad, and if I
find anything I can already do in my spare time, I will certainly do
that, too.

All the best,


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Am 22.07.2015 um 20:01 schrieb Pasi Lallinaho:
> On 22/07/15 17:10, Simon Steinbeiß wrote:
>> On Wed, 22 Jul 2015 03:09:56 +0300 Pasi Lallinaho
>> <pasi at shimmerproject.org> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> inspired and motivated by a G+ thread [1] brought to my
>>> attention, I decided to look again at producing PDF's out of
>>> the documentation.
>>> As a consequence, the Wily documentation branch [2] is now able
>>> to build PDF documentation files for the documentation - and
>>> all of its translations! (Makefile experts, feel free to
>>> correct my mistakes!)
>>> The stylesheet for the PDF is still pretty bare - I've only
>>> fixed things that were outright wrong or very ugly. That said,
>>> if you are interested in making the PDF version better, get in
>>> touch via replying this email or ping me on IRC [3]. Most of
>>> the work now at this point will (unfortunately?) require
>>> understanding or learning of Docbook and XSLT stylesheets, so
>>> be prepared for that kind of hacking.
>>> Cheers, Pasi
>>> [1] https://plus.google.com/+RobertStreeter/posts/Emw3zcgwK9S 
>>> [2]
>>> https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/wily 
>>> [3] knome on #xubuntu-devel (and more) on Freenode
>> Hey Pasi,
>> this is really really great! I guess we could consider making
>> these docs available on the ISO somehow, or are there any
>> caveats?
>> Cheers Simon
> One of the discussions to be had is the document paper size
> discussion, which we more or less had on #xubuntu-devel.
> For those who didn't follow the discsusion, it boils down to
> whether we want to maintain a manual list of languages and their
> preferred paper size targets (should language X have A4 and/or US
> letter versions?).
> As for real caveats, I don't think there are any (yet). As long as
> we make sure the build requirements (fop) are installed on the
> build system, we can automate the process and ship the files. Once
> we do this, we better modify the documentation to link to the PDF's
> as well. (And I guess we would need some magic here to only link to
> paper sizes that exist.)
> At some point, overall weight might become something we might want
> to reconsider; each PDF weighs about 370 kB (with the current setup
> in the current form - this WILL change, and it can go up or down)
> and if each language brings in two of those, we will be in several
> megs soon. I acknowledge this isn't really a problem with our
> current size (and size target), but here it is said anyway.
> Finally, we likely want to make the PDFs available online as well.
> If we want special treatment for them, for example a single list of
> all PDFs in all languages and paper sizes, we will need some more
> code. This obviously has nothing to do with making these available
> on the ISO.
> Cheers, Pasi
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