Call for translators - Xubuntu packages translations

David Pires slickymaster at
Wed Jul 1 10:50:57 UTC 2015

Hi everyone.

Now that we're deep into the Wily Werewolf cycle [1], it's time to
start working on the translations for the various packages and
applications provided by the
Xubuntu team.

With the goal of making it easier for new people to jump in contributing,
we put up a list of translations that are important for Xubuntu [2].
The list consists of several projects the Xubuntu team maintains
and/or are
important for Xubuntu.

Being the most important, our primary targets for translations are the
packages in the first list item and two further calls will be held through
out the development cycle for the others.

If you've never contributed a translation before and your native language
is not English but you have really good English skills and are comfortable
using software in English, you can make a huge contribution by helping to
translate the Xubuntu applications into your native language.

Before you start translating, we recommend joining the Ubuntu-translators
mailing list [3] to keep up with notifications about important translation
template updates and to stay in touch with other Ubuntu translators.

David Pires (slickymaster)
Xubuntu Documentation Lead

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