Quick recap of the games discussion

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Fri Jan 30 13:07:20 UTC 2015

For a quick overview to the games discussion, here's a quick recap of
the comments made so far. Irrelevant and repeating comments (from the
same person) have been dropped.

The full discussion can be read from the list archives [1].



Jackson Doak:
    Some games are important, but one is enough.

    One or two are fine.

David Pires:
    Drop games.
    Most people game with emulators, consoles and in the web.

    Just have the basics, like solitaire, minesweeper, chess, etc.

Thomas Molloy:
    Basics are nice to pass time during installation, but not really needed.

Taras Bazyshyn:
    Drop games.
    Gamers will use Steam.

    Drop the games.
    Everybody knows how to install.

    Ship some games.
    Games makes Xubuntu look friendly and less nerdy.
    Size isn't a problem.

Lutz Andersohn:
    We don't need games.

Bruno Benitez:
    Games make Xubuntu look more dry and less friendly.
    Good for passing time.
    Don't drop the games.

Ince, Wilbur:
    Games take space, but not installing them makes Xubuntu look cheap
and flimsy.
    Allow a user to choose if he wants games installed during installation.
    Add launchers to install games on the menu.

Peter Rauhut:
    Games have a very small impact on ISO size.
    They are something familiar for new users and helps them connect and
feel comfortable with Xubuntu and learn about it.

Bruno Augusto Clemente de Assis:
    We need to keep one or two games.
    People still play desktop games.
    Games are good for passing time.

    Non-developers look for games.

A Blesius:
    Some basic games are good, and helps Xubuntu not look boring.

Elizabeth K. Joseph:
    Agree with other pro-default-games comments.

    Games offer simple amusement for many.

Toni Sissala:
    Install 2-4 generic games, like minesweeper and solitaire.
    Add a launcher to Software Center to install more games, where they
are well represented.
    Games are a good way to start the Linux adventure.

Sean Davis:
    Games makes Xubuntu feel more human-oriented.
    Users can install games if they want, but small games are supposed
to be quick diversions.




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