Discussion: GIMP in the default seed

David Bermúdez Guiot davidb.guiot at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 22:50:00 UTC 2015

Gimp should still be shipped,  however I don't think games should be

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Since we are discussing about other choices in the default seed already, it
feels like the perfect time to bring yet another discussion to the table:

Do we want to keep shipping GIMP?

For some background, the team has discussed the issue [1] and gone through
various simpler alternatives [2] for GIMP a few times* in the past, but no
suitable candidate was found.

Do we think there is a suitable, light and easy-to-use alternative for GIMP
now? Should we simply drop GIMP altogether and not replace it?



[1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2011-July/007864.html
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Oneiric/
* Most of this isn't archived in an easy-to-access way

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