[TEAM] ISO target size

Simon Steinbeiß simon at xfce.org
Thu Feb 12 17:52:06 UTC 2015

Hey everyone,

first of all, thanks for all the constructive comments and discussion.

> > I would suggest a one click install or something similar for LibreOffice amd stick with 1GB.
> This has been suggested before with LibreOffice and other software. What
> does the rest of the team feel about this generally (without having to
> +1 or -1)?

This could be an alternative to shipping LO or other software directly. I guess the scenario that comes to mind where that doesn't work is when you don't have internet connectivity where you want to install Xubuntu. So imagine downloading the ISO, installing it on a USB drive and then going from place to place to install it there. For this particular scenario something like a custom ISO would be better anyway, since more than just LO might be wanted/needed (slightly dusty: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization).

@Micah: Technically, how would you make a one-click install work? Should we place a launcher on the desktop or in the menu in the office category that says "Click to install LibreOffice"?

> > Alternatively, if there are enough testers, produce a version of Xubuntu with LibreOffice (maybe called XubuntuOffice :)).
> There are hardly enough testers for the current images, so another ISO
> isn't a realistic option.

+1 And again, people can build their own ISOs if that's really needed.

So to conclude my thoughts on this discussion, I would prefer if the default ISO would remain as slim as possible, also keeping our testers in mind.
I second trying to be "below or as close to 1GB as possible, but 2GB at maximum".


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