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Daniel Mehrmann daniel.mehrmann at gmx.de
Wed Feb 11 18:32:58 UTC 2015

Am 11.02.2015 um 18:39 schrieb Elfy:
> On 11/02/15 17:30, Daniel Mehrmann wrote:
>> Am 11.02.2015 um 15:22 schrieb Pasi Lallinaho:
>>> While the media size is one of the concerns, it's not the only one.
>>> Download times are an argument for keeping as small as possible; the 
>>> smaller our ISOs are, the less time they take to download. Of 
>>> course, if something is considered essential, then it can be added, 
>>> but the starting point should be to not include anything that isn't 
>>> essential.
>> Well, basicly you're right of course. But if i'm looking to europe, 
>> the last defined internet connection bandwith at home by the european 
>> commission was 4 mbit. This was somewhere 2006. 2014 the european 
>> commission upgraded the target size to 30mbit(!) for a average 
>> internet connection at home.
>> I think we don't need to talk bandwith in north america
> I think that we might need to ;)
> I don't think that everywhere gets the huge speeds one sees talked about.
> As far as Europe is concerned, this bit of it isn't generally all that 
> good either (UK)

I think we need to stay away from personal experience or thoughts.

What we need are "global _data"_ from political organizations or let's 
say "united nations" about internet bandwith connection world wide. As i 
pointed out already, you'll find bad internet connections always if 
you're searching it. I don't want people keep out with small or limited 
internet connections, but you should find compromise between "what is 
used of today" and "what can we expect lower bound" (global data)

Let's take a look to this "global data" and you'll find a good way. :-)

BTW: I'm using a limited mobil LTE access (3gb/month) to the internet at 
work as well. So what ?
That's my personal problem and doesn't count anyway. At home i'm on 
100mbit cable and a xubuntu download takes a few seconds. It doesn't 
count too. :-)


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