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Peter Rauhut dabeor at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 17:40:05 UTC 2015

Bandwidth caps are definitely a concern here as well, we wouldn't want 
somebody to reach their limit because they download Xubuntu. Considering 
I've known software developers whose only personal internet connection 
was an LTE hotspot, this is definitely possible.

Also, in the US, while there is movement on trying to improve things. 
Currently, the way that the country is spread out, many people don't 
have access to anything over 10Mb/s due to being in rural areas. The 
only reason I bring this up is that download speed should only not be a 
concern if we only wish to target those in urban environments and first 
world nations.

On 2/11/2015 11:30 AM, Daniel Mehrmann wrote:
> Am 11.02.2015 um 15:22 schrieb Pasi Lallinaho:
>> While the media size is one of the concerns, it's not the only one.
>> Download times are an argument for keeping as small as possible; the 
>> smaller our ISOs are, the less time they take to download. Of course, 
>> if something is considered essential, then it can be added, but the 
>> starting point should be to not include anything that isn't essential.
> Well, basicly you're right of course. But if i'm looking to europe, 
> the last defined internet connection bandwith at home by the european 
> commission was 4 mbit. This was somewhere 2006. 2014 the european 
> commission upgraded the target size to 30mbit(!) for a average 
> internet connection at home.
> I think we don't need to talk bandwith in north america or for 
> example  japan. Well, about africa, i have to admit, i have no sizing 
> ideas.
> What i'm trying to say is, that is internet bandwith is growing very 
> fast and we're at a point, where we should looking forward and no 
> longer backward. Yes, you'll find special cases with a small internet 
> connection always, but the most of them (>90%) shouldn't have a big 
> problem if the iso size up to 2 GB.
> Yes, i'm voting for a "somewhat" below 2 GB iso size.
> Regards
> Daniel

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