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Mon Aug 31 10:06:14 UTC 2015

This *really* is as simple as using the dev release as much as is possible.

Now that we're in the last leg of testing for Wily Werewolf I thought I 
would just reiterate the importance of package testing, now that we 
don't use the tracker for this. The only way we get to know of any 
issues are with bugs (though the image tracker can play it's part) is 
with bug reports. Creating and using tests is a poor relation to people 
actually using Xubuntu and it's packages daily. You're likely to find 
things that we'd not envisage.

So, if you have spare disk space (perhaps 10GB) think about setting up a 
dual boot - the image is pretty much as stable as it is going to get now.

Use the wily install as much as you can, to do what you would normally 
do with Xubuntu.

Report bugs as you find them [1] (try to find if it has already been 
reported via Launchpad [2] or bugzilla [3] )

I'd also remind you that we're going to be searching for 'our' bugs 
using tags, so please use those I have already mentioned -

xubuntu-exp /dev-version/

eg for this dev cycle

xubuntu-exp wily


We have a few PPAs which are used to test versions of applications that 
contain fixes, updates amongst other reasons. Using these PPAs means 
that you see the same as we are - many amongst the Xubuntu Team use 
these PPAs.

(This PPA contains updated daily builds of the themes and icons used by 

(This PPA contains updated packages and package versions being prepared 
for inclusion in Xubuntu.

(This PPA contains daily builds for some of our packages)

_The Future Beckons_

Looking ahead just 8 weeks, we will have released 15.10 and will be 
starting to look at the 16.04 XX release - testing of our packages will 
be even more important then - what we release for 16.04 is supported for 
3 years not 9 months.

[1] https://smdavis.us/2015/06/18/bug-reporting-in-xubuntu/
[2] https://launchpad.net/bugs
[3] https://bugzilla.xfce.org/
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