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Wed Aug 26 07:16:01 UTC 2015

On 2015-08-24 04:05, Apurv Jyotirmay wrote:
> Hi, I reported this problem earlier, but I think that started as a 
> private chat, so apologies for that. I wanted to mention, that the 
> size of GTK3 apps' confirmation dialogue's buttons is too big(compared 
> to original Xfce desktop). As Xubuntu is meant for mouse and keyboard 
> use, I don't think we really need such big buttons. This screenshot is 
> of mousepad, and the same happens when I installed and used the latest 
> Gedit. These big buttons are good for touch interfaces, but Xubuntu 
> isn't meant for touch. It would be good if the community can fix this 
> issue in next release.

The Xubuntu team doesn't work with GTK3 the toolkit; we simply make sure 
our theme(s) work with the new GTK3 features. While it's clear that the 
GTK3-styled buttons are different, I don't know if it's even possible to 
revert back to the old style, and if it were, would it be worth it.

Furthermore, GTK2 is inevitably going to be phased out sooner or later, 
so using GTK2 alternatives (or older GTK2 versions of apps) isn't a 
sensible choice either for maintaining purposes. Running both GTK2 and 
GTK3 apps means inconsistency as well.

If the style of the buttons is important to you, I would encourage you 
to investigate the issue yourself. If you find a way to revert back to 
the old style (which I'm not sure is possible), or work with the GTK3 
team implementing that (which they might not even willling to do even if 
you submitted a patch - you need to talk to them), we can open the 
discussion about which style we want. Note that the final decision will 
be made by the Xubuntu team.

Thanks for your interest and if you decide to start working on the 
issue, good luck.


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