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Fri Aug 7 11:26:03 UTC 2015

On 20/05/15 20:23, elfy wrote:
> On 16/05/15 13:47, Paul White wrote:
>> [snip]
>> I'm suggesting this as I'm often at a loss what to test for. I'm
>> inundated with emails from various lists which I read at various times
>> of the day on various devices and by the time I get around to do some
>> testing at the weekend I've forgotten about the most important items.
>> Anything that can highlight current testing requirements would be of
>> great help to me and I'm sure to others.
> Sorry about being a tad afk ...
> For something this specific I don't actually believe that Launchpad is 
> agile enough.
> Picking up on this point there's no reason why we couldn't look at 
> using something to do this.
> Maybe Trello ... maybe an etherpad ... maybe wiki ...
> The issue with etherpad (at least using Ubuntu one) is people need to 
> be in a LP group to access that - not everyone is.
> Trello - there is a QA trello instance - we could have a 'we want to 
> test this' board on it - that trello is publically readable.
> Wiki - I started last cycle with a 'skeleton'  wiki for us to use to 
> build release notes against, no reason why not having a section there.
> Mailing lists, I already mail the dev list and the LP testers when we 
> want something tested - no reason why not be more specific when doing so.
> Finally, if there is anything that I and the QA team can do to make 
> life easier - we're all ears.
> thanks
> Kev
So - restarting this discussion.

What do you the testers think is the best way forward?

Frankly - I'm happy to do what works best for you.

At the moment the concensus from a few people is use trello to give 
testers the information they need.

Currently we've got a few weeks to get this sorted out - this cycle has 
been a bit odd for QA - but what we do need to do, is be ready for the 
next cycle that being testing for the next LTS.

thanks all

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