Call for translators - Translating the Xubuntu end-user documentation

David Pires slickymaster at
Mon Sep 1 14:55:37 UTC 2014

With the upcoming Doc Freeze [1] upon us, we are now entering the last
stretch of the Utopic cycle and it's important for everyone to be able to
enjoy the Xubuntu experience in their native language, so we need to
increase the number of translated end-user documentation.

If you've never contributed a translation before, this is a perfect
opportunity for you to learn. The end-user documentation is translatable in
Launchpad [2] and the default cut-off percentage to include translations is

Up to now there are only two fully translated idioms, Finnish and
Portuguese and even though our goal is to have all the idioms translated,
the French (68,94%), Russian (65,65%) and Spanish (48,96%) translations are
realistic candidates to be included in the next release if some more work
could be done on them.

Xubuntu Documentation Lead

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