[TEAM] Support for testers at cycle end

Bruno Benitez gridcube at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 18:16:38 UTC 2014

The people who would hang around in a #x+1 channel would probably be the
same that is at #x-devel, I don't think it would make much sense to have a
different place just for that, also the kind of questions users from the
betas bring are usually asociated with bugs that are important to fix and
know by the developers, having them on -devel would make more sense than
polluting #x with questions that might confuse new users who read them.

if my voice counts i support knome's idea of using #xubuntu-devel as the
place to answer questions regarding in development releases, it just makes

2014-10-31 14:55 GMT-03:00 Elfy <ub.untu at btinternet.com>:

> On 24/10/14 13:53, Elfy wrote:
>> Given that we are trying to increase the level of testing which happens
>> for us, currently the only real IRC support option is #ubuntu+1
>> While ok for more generic issues - when it's Xubuntu specific - it's
>> often less than optimal in #ubuntu+1, while some of us might idle there -
>> it's more likely that we'd take more notice in an #xubuntu channel
>> The last meeting started this discussion
>> http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-
>> devel/2014/xubuntu-devel.2014-10-21-20.00.log.html#l-138
>> This dev version testing is only for once we've started calling for Beta
>> testing during the cycle.
>> From the meeting we've got the following comments so far
>> <elfy>  vote for support in #xubuntu channel for dev version once Beta 1
>> is testing
>> <pleia2>  +1
>> <jjfrv8-work>  +0
>> slickymaster  votes for support in a yet to be created #xubuntu+1 channel
>> <knome>  #xubuntu-develfor x+1 support after beta1 is out; second
>> favorite #x+1
>> Comments from the rest of team please
>> Thanks.
>>  last bump from me on this
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