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> Subject: Please circulate invitation to participate in Xfce user
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> Hi,
> I'm writing as a member of the Xfce Design SIG to inform you we're
> opening two user surveys to gather user experiences on Xfce's session
> saving feature and UI, and the XDG Autostart UI. Below are the links
> to both surveys.
> Online survey on session saving:
> Online task on autostart app UI:
> We'd like each of the main Xfce distributors to advertise the survey
> to their userbase, so that we design a solution that works for
> everyone and not just <insert competitor name here>! ;-) The links
> above already provide information on the content of the surveys and
> how the data is handled, so you can keep the advertising short. This
> is what we'll be using for our own advertising effort:

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