Testing for the Vivid Vervet release

Elfy ub.untu at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 4 19:58:12 UTC 2014

Hello all, been a while - or actually not, just a couple of weeks.

But there you have it we've started again.

This is just a quick pointer to where we stand currently, nothing has 
been /planned/ just yet as we've not seen the release schedule arrive.

One thing that we will be doing this cycle extra is looking at Alpha 
milestones (most likely just the second) - at some point systemd could 
possibly become default around about the time of that milestone [1]

So regardless of us having a schedule to work with - the trackers are 
now up and ready to accept your hard won results.

The daily iso tracker is at 

Once more we have the Xubuntu Core netboot available on the iso tracker, 
slightly different from the 32 and 64 bit dailies as there is no 
download information available on the tracker, the images can be found 
at [2][3]

The package tracker is at 
for us.

If you are brave enough to run with a dev install early in a cycle, 
please try and report any bugs you find on the package tracker - they do 
get picked up, they do get looked at.

As always - try and remember that an issue with a testcase needs to be 
reported as a testcase bug, an issue with a package is not a testcase 
bug so please don't report them as such.




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