Stricter moderation on this mailing list

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Mon May 26 21:45:59 UTC 2014


Starting from today the moderation for this mailing list will become
tighter. The discussion and rationale behind the decision can be read
from the mailing list archive [1] and Xubuntu community meeting logs [2][3].

For transparency, here's the policy in brief:
1) Send an inappropriate mail to the list
2) You will be contacted by one of the moderators noticing of
inappropriate messages
3) Send another inappropriate mail to the list
4) You will be added a moderation flag; practically, from that moment,
all your messages will be held in the moderation queue until they are
manually approved (considering they are appropriate, otherwise, they are
discarded) – there is no specific process or policy for removing
moderation flags for now, but we hope nobody needs to get one.

We will experiment with this policy for at least a month, after which
the situation is re-evaluated.

For completeness, the full policy is described in the Processes [4] page.

On behalf of the mailing list owners, moderators and the Xubuntu team,


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