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Jack Fromm jack at jjfro.com
Wed May 21 19:32:51 UTC 2014

Elfy, my thoughts inline below.  I sat out in the sun but only got 
sunburned on my bald spot---no inspiration, unfortunately. :(

On 5/20/2014 3:42 PM, Elfy wrote:
> While we're early in the cycle, I'd like to expand a bit on something 
> I mentioned in the QA Recap article, namely
>     /If you have any constructive thoughts or ideas on how we can
>     improve the testing we do for Xubuntu//
>     /
> So, to get the ball rolling - I'll ask you a question ...
> Does the plan I've posted [1] for Package testing sound about right? 
> Would you expect us to be testing more? Testing less? Calling for 
> testing on the Optional packages again - there are a lot?
Sounds about right to me.
> For those of you who've heard of Trello - would you want to be able to 
> see what we do there? It is dry and mostly a list?
Yeah, I like it and use it in my day job too.
> Ideas on changes to testcases ? You've been reading and using them for 
> almost 2 cycles now.
I think for the most part they've been tweaked pretty well and cover 
most of what needs to be tested without going overboard.  The only 
suggestion I would have for improvement would be a minor one about the 
formatting.  There doesn't appear to be a standardized convention for 
differentiating between menu choices, buttons and check boxes and 
keyboard input required from the tester, etc.  Maybe the xml format is 
too limited for making things better, but it can be hard to follow some 
of the testcases at a glance.
> Ideas for new testcases?
No, I think you've got it covered.
> Thoughts on where we can improve?
> We tend not to call for image testing until there is a milestone? 
> Would you test that more often if we asked? Happy to do that when you 
> get the time without the distraction of yet another mail from me?
I think you can stick with just the milestones.  Just speaking for 
myself, but I tend to do fairly regular installs of the dailies anyway 
for various reasons and any time I happen to do one, I'll report the 
> Think outside the box - especially if the sun is out, there might be 
> /just/ the thing for us sitting there waiting to be thought of.
> regards
> Elfy
> [1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2014-May/010156.html
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> Ubuntu Forum Council Member
> Xubuntu QA Lead

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