Call for Xubuntu Technical lead nominations

Simon Steinbeiß simon at
Wed May 14 14:56:10 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

in my position as Xubuntu Project Lead I'd hereby like to call for nominations for the position of Xubuntu Technical lead.
(If you don't know what the Technical lead does, you probably shouldn't apply.)
While there are no formal guidelines written down for this process in our Strategy Document [0], I'm conducting this call more or less in line with the call for Xubuntu Project Lead.

People can nominate themselves or others. Anybody in the community can nominate, but the nominee must be an active member of at least one Xubuntu subteam (excluding Xubuntu users).

The nominations should be sent to this email list (xubuntu-devel at, along with a link to a nominee wikipage.
While there are no formal criteria of what this page should contain, it would be desirable if nominees add at least:
 * A brief history of the nominee in the FOSS world
 * Previous technical development experience within Xubuntu
 * Thoughts on the future of Xubuntu's technical development or specific areas of interest/focus/contribution

The timeframe for nominations is set to two weeks, thus after May 28th, 18 UTC no more nominations will be accepted.
Voting will be held at the next meeting after this deadline, all members of the Xubuntu team [1] can vote.

For more information, feel free to send an email to this list (or privately to xubuntu-devel-owner at or get a hold of us on IRC.

On behalf of the Xubuntu team,
Simon Steinbeiß


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