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And we're off ...

*_Package Testing_*

Let's start with changes I've made to the Package tracker. [1]

When you visit the tracker now you will see there's a different set of 
lists from last time.

Regarding the two Optional groups at top - I'll not be doing much in the 
way of calling for these 2 groups as a whole, if you're using one of the 
packages and have time to run the test (in 14.10) - please do so and 

So that's the first call for _Optionals_ - I'll maybe do another towards 
the end of the cycle. I'll maybe move something into a different tes 
suite if it needs specific testing.

Which leaves the much reduced mandatory groups - 4 of them.

I'll give you the 'calendar' for those calls now, but will be following 
along with calls as and when they're required.

        *Xubuntu A - May 19th**
        **Xubuntu B - June 9th**
        **Xubuntu C - June 30th**
        **Xubuntu D - August 11th*

This gives us space for the milestone image testing and a gap at cycle 
end which we can use for specific testing. The schedule for milestones 
can be found here [2] - that's not be finalised at the moment, but I 
doubt much will change with that, it will certainly be final long before 
a call from me.

*_Image Testing_*

Not much to say or that could be said - the images still need testing as 
always, the Daily tests can be found here [3]

Milestone image testing will as always take place when it's required, 
typically I will let you know once the url for the testpage is either 
published, or I've brow beaten someone into telling me it early :)

_*Testing PPAs*_

Just a fyi - we are looking at creating 2 'team' PPA for people to use 
to test bug fixes for us and one for new landing apps/packages. This 
should enable us to get better testing of these things. Calls for that, 
and more information about them, will happen - again - as and when. If 
you're interested in covering that I would suggest using a virtual 
machine that you can leave with the PPAs in place.

Finally - I would urge people, that are able to,  to use 14.10 daily - 
when you are using an application - check the testcase, if what you've 
been doing covers, or more than covers it - then report it :) The more 
reports we get the better. Obviously, if you've been using something and 
have found a bug - report it.

As always - _*only reported results count*_ - and if you've seen the 
blog post [4] recapping what we did in the last cycle, you'll see that 
not only do they count for us - but I do in fact count them ;)

As an extra reward, though I'm sure you don't need more than knowing 
that you helped the Xubuntu community - you'll get named :)


[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseSchedule
[3] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/315/builds
[4] http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-14-04-qa-recap/

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