Call for help with Autopilot tests for Xubuntu

Thomas Molloy lderan at
Sun Mar 30 19:09:22 UTC 2014

Hello all, 

This is a call to help with the automated tests with Autopilot for the Xubuntu
default applications. 

I have so far done the absolute basic tests, they check to see which
applications open, these can be expanded upon or changed. At the moment they use
introspection, this doesn't leave much room to see what is happening within the
application but there can be some testing done with this approach. We can check
to see If a window is opened by keyboard commands. 

A list of the applications and whether I've been able to get them to work with
Autopilot exists here 

Here is the location to grab my current progress,

The main branch is here 

When submitting an application's tests it would be helpfully if they were done

Feel free to ping me on I am on the following channels
#xubuntu-devel #ubuntu-autopilot & #ubuntu-quality if you have any questions, my
nick is lderan. 

If you need any help with bzr or with Launchpad you can contact me, 
Also here is a guide for bazaar with launchpad

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thomas Molloy (lderan) 
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