Question about Xubuntu 12.04.x package xfce-session (4.8.3-0ubuntu2) and its gconf-dependency

Erik Lange erik_lange82 at
Sun Mar 30 14:18:56 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I've got a question about the package 'xfce-session' (4.8.3-0ubuntu2) in 
Xubuntu 12.04.x.

I always have not liked the gconf-dependency because only 
'xfce4-session' depends on it in my system and pulls a lot (alltogether 
5) additional (useless) gconf-packages.
The Debian 7.x version of 'xfce-session' (4.8.3-3) in comparison does 
not need the gconf-packages without loss of functionality, I presume.

So I would like to ask you to remove the gconf-dependency from 
'xfce-session' – if possible.

Thank you for the great Xubuntu 12.04-release.



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