Xubuntu Trusty beta 2: A few Problems

Dave dave at reklan.co.uk
Sun Mar 30 13:41:53 UTC 2014

Just installed the lastest beta on my thinkpad E530

Here's my first few problems

1, Unable to log into Ubuntu Software centre to re-install previous purchases.
when you click on the menu option nothing happens...  the work around was to
"re-buy" steam via the software centre.. This brought up the ubuntu one login

2. unable to install Chrome from the downloaded .deb package from google.. When
you try to use software centre to install it keeps failing.. Transfered the file
to a 13.10 install and it installs in the same way fine.

3. Unable to install steam via the software centre. Its fails and reports as a
previous bug.. Added steam  to to that bug..  work around was to instal via "
sudo apt-get install steam"

4. confirm the keyboard layout bug.

5. Confirm the wallpaper bug.

6. is the debian wallpaper(?) supposed to show in the background during install?

However good thing is for the first time ever it does find the Nvidia 630M gpu
in my i5 cpu rather than just the intel 4000.

Will do some more tests afetr i have made sunday lunch...


Dave Pearson
aka reklan

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