Hi everyone!

joshua boyles mile357 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 01:34:41 UTC 2014

My name is Josh.  By day I'm a SharePoint Administrator, by night I tinker
with Linux.  I imagine I'm the only SharePoint admin who used Xubuntu on my
work laptop until my boss decided it looked bad and asked me to switch to

I've done lots of work in the past building training, presentations and
documentation about a variety of subjects, so I'd love to work with the
Xubuntu Documentation team.  Just point me in the right direction and put
me to work.

I can also help testing (I'm typing this using the latest beta of 14.04)
and if there's a walk-through that talks about how to report bugs I'd love
to do that.


Josh Boyles
mile357 in IRC
mile357 at gmail.com

PS I also use XFCE with XMonad, so if anyone on this list uses XMonad and
would be willing to share their xmonad.hs with me I'd really appreciate it.
 I keep running into random problems that I think are related to some key
bindings overlapping.
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