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Thu Mar 27 17:29:23 UTC 2014

On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 7:12 PM, Ted Cox <ted.m.cox at> wrote:
>> What would that page cover? Why wouldn't it be better suited in the
>> appropriate subsections?
>> Cheers,
>> Pasi
> Sorry, I realized I wasn't specific enough. I meant creating a "Getting
> Started with Documentation" page.
> As of now, there doesn't seem to be a place that lists out all the different
> steps for getting going with documentation: signing the Ubuntu Code of
> Conduct, creating a public key, uploading the key to Lauchpad, installing
> Bzr and Docbook, etc.
> I'm proposing a single page that lists out all those different steps.

That's a good point, thanks for pointing it out Ted!

Since Xubuntu is technically part of the Ubuntu Documentation team, I
think we tend to assume people will use the documentation there, ie:

But I guess it's not very discoverable if you're not familiar with the
community, and since Ubuntu switched over from DocBook to Mallard some
of the instructions are no longer accurate for Xubuntu.

We should probably work with the Ubuntu Documentation team to fragment
this page a bit so we can <<include>> portions that are applicable to
us and have our own, similar page.

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