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Tue Mar 25 21:54:36 UTC 2014

To try to bring this to a close, I will note that my work for the exchequer prevented me from playing with the -core concept this cycle.  This was ultimately the big goal to it.  If you didn't like the default app selection you could get a basic, stripped-down Xubuntu install you could customize to suit your tastes.  That's stealing an idea from Sabayon and Calculate Linux about having "spin bases" that would give greater control in customization.

The exchequer in the United States still requires my services for now but it is a gamble after 2014-04-15 as to when I get furloughed...and then have more time for Xubuntu.

I suggest setting this discussion aside for now as we're in the final phases of preparing 14.04 for release.  Major changes are not going to happen now.  The polish & finish must be great for the public to see, though.

Stephen Michael Kellat
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+1 for replacing Abiword with LibreOffice. Installing LibreOffice is one of the first things I do with a new release. 
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