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On torstai 20 maaliskuu 2014, Lutz Andersohn wrote:
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>     <div class="moz-cite-prefix">I am taking Elfy's advise replying to
>       Pjotr:<br>
>       <br>

Your mail client/settings are broken, it's sending HTML.

>       I think I agree with the LibreOffice suggestion (and the "first
>       impression"-sentiment) but for a different reason: I think Abiword
>       and Gnumeric are just fine for everyday needs

They fit well on install disk, start faster, use less memory, have
better performance at run-time too and IMHO also look better.

But if you need to work with other people using MS office, they aren't
really compatible enough.  One problem is just file compatibility,
another one looks of the documents: different font metrics and sizes,
differences in styles etc.  More complicated documents don't look
quite right and if you edit them, their styles get messed up.

>       but I can see a lot
>       of users who would want to make slides "out of the box", so they
>       need Impress. It would be nice if those users had that capability
>       w/o having to install Libre. <br>

That's a good point.

>       Alternatively, a button would be nice that is labelled "To install
>       Office Software click here" which then goes out and installs
>       Libre. I think many of the XP migrants we expect might be
>       technically capable to install Libre from the Software Center - if
>       they only new it existed! Since they usually don't know its there,
>       frustration might arise (When I started using Ubuntu/Xubuntu,
>       installing an app was easy once I found out there was one! the
>       hard part was finding it and deciding between the different
>       options)<br>

IMHO this would be good solution.  Wording of such button/icon
may need some fine tuning though, e.g. "Install MS-office compatible
office suite" or "Install full Office suite".

Best would be if it would invoke some Software Center introduction
which tells new users how to install extra software (besides  LO).

	- Eero

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