Xubuntu 14.04 Beta 1

André Nording T-kilt at web.de
Tue Mar 4 07:54:36 UTC 2014

Hi all,

tested the scroll down on a Dell XT2 Convertible and  an logitech RX 300 
Mouse. The windows do not jump on my installation. Gnumeric is not 
jumping also.



On 03.03.2014 22:13, Lutz Andersohn wrote:
> I couldn't install on real hardware, only on VirtualBox.
> Couple of observations
> The installer DVD still displays 13.10. Not sure when this is planned 
> to change, just thought I mention it. I was confused the first time I 
> installed alpha 2, I epxected something like "14.04 A2"
> There seems to be something funny going with the mouse scroll wheel: 
> if I scroll down too fast, the menu first jumps up before it scrolls 
> down. As a result, when at the bottom of a list and still scrolling it 
> keeps looping over the last few entries. Very annoying to me. I 
> noticed it first in the applet list trying to install a new panel 
> applet. When I moved the mousewheel real fast in the file open dialog 
> from gnumeric, I could make the main gnumeric window jump to different 
> places on the desktop.
> This is VirtualBox, though, so it may be a virtualBox driver problem 
> but I have not seen that in other version of xubuntu under virtual box.
> Othrwise it looks great.
> I do have a question:
> is anybody testing the behavior of NVidia Optimus support 
> (bumblebee)with the kernel that gets released? I did see some posts 
> that bumblebee has a probem with kernel 3.13 and bumblebee not working 
> would throw me a curve ball when I need to upgrade my main machine 
> because as 12.04 EOL.
> Ditto with wireless. In all my previous updates wireless support never 
> worked out of the box.
> I realise this is probably the ubuntu folks and beyond xubuntu's scope 
> but may be a consideration for kernel selection (I read a lot of 
> bumblebee problems with kernel 3.13).
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