Package Testing - Xubuntu Networking and Trusty Additional

Elfy ub.untu at
Mon Mar 3 20:26:08 UTC 2014

In my last list I promised that we only had one more group of tests left 
to do ... I'm glad that I added that we'd need to test for things that 
hadn't landed ;)

So - what we do have is two groups of packages that haven't up until now 
been called for

*Xubuntu Networking*

*Xubuntu Trusty Additional*

They can as always be found on the package tracker at

Go for it - anything that we get done on the package tracker after this 
will be a bonus.

There might between now and release be a few calls to test for specific 
issues - and I'll give you as much notice of those as I can.

A note of what we do have left to do,

Final Beta during the last week of March.
Release Candidate in the week commencing 7th April.

Calls for those and Upgrade testing should be all that you will see from 
me now - that I have planned.

Many thanks for your work helping to test Trusty with us.


Ubuntu Forum Council Member
Xubuntu QA Lead

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