"File lense" like applications for xfce/xubuntu

Benoit frombenny at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 20:17:18 UTC 2014

In the "Settings Manager", in "keyboard", "applications shortcuts", clic 
on "Add"

Command line: catfish --path=/mnt/Donnees/Docs_perso/Documents
and the shortcut for me is : Super+Alt+D

I have other shortcuts for Images, Downloads,..

this command can make it search in full text (in the content of files) :
catfish --path=/home/ben/Documents --fulltext

You can have these commands in a launcher of the panel too.

Hope it can help you


Le 24/06/2014 15:56, "Edwin Günthner" a écrit :
> Hello xubuntu folks,
> I did check the mailing list archive for for keywords like "synapse" 
> ... couldnt find any; so I hope that this topic is "new" and worth 
> discussing here.
> I consider moving from ubunut/unity to xubuntu/xfce (actually running 
> a xubuntu desktop for some weeks by now). The one thing
> that is really missing for me: fast access to files. The unity file 
> lense remembers all the files I touched lately (probably using 
> zeitgeist) ... and it is
> extremly helpful. Instead of opening up a file manager and navigating 
> directories; I just press windows-f and start typing parts of the file 
> name ...
> (most of the time, i dont need to type anything, because the file 
> lense might actually the file i am looking for already ;-)
> With xubuntu/xfce, there is no such feature. The whisker menu and 
> application finder focus soley _applications_; not on files with user 
> data.
> In earlier years, there was "synapse" as replacement file launcher 
> (using zeitgeist under the covers) that provided similar functionality.
> But synapse is no longer actively maintained; it isn't even available 
> in the 14.04 repositories any more.
> So - long story short:
> 1) is there an existing "file lense"-alike solution for xubuntu?
> 2) if not - are there any thoughts/plans to provide it at some point?
> Thanks everybody,
> Edwin

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