Show/Hide tick boxes in indicator plugin's setting window

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Tue Jun 17 10:13:53 UTC 2014


Using 14.10 installed from 20140614 iso

After starting up Right-click over power manager icon in the panel (looks like it's the same with any icon of the indicator plugin )
and click Properties, in the window try to tick the box to hide Power Management icon ( or any box to show/hide an individual
icon in the panel ), you can tick and untick the box(es), leave the box unticked.
close the window, reopen it ( Right-click over power manager icon and click Properties ), try to tick the box(es) 

the box(es) won't tick, close the window, open it again
the box(es) you tried to tick appears ticked now, try to untick it, it won't....untill you close and reopen the setting's window.

Restart the panel : xfce4-panel -r

Right-click over power manager icon > Properties
the box(es) now can be ticked/unticked, close the window and reopen it, it's now impossible to tick or untick the box(es).

Since it said that we need to restart the panel to see the change is it a normal behavior to have to close and reopen the
setting's window to see if the boxes are ticked or not ?

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