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Thu Jun 12 17:04:24 UTC 2014

Next in the list comes Suite B

Before I get to that - there are issues with the current image.

If you need to change the language at the first screen on boot - 
currently you cannot do so. Nor is it possible to choose between Try and 
Install prior to getting to the desktop.

The image WILL install from the desktop now though.

Package testing, you'll need a current 14.10 image - which you can get 
here [1] - obviously while you're installing that you could also do an 
image test for us ;) [2]

Once you've installed your image - update and upgrade it (or re-install 
and report those results) as you can, then re-test the packages in 
testsuite B. IT doesn't matter if you test more than once - report more 
than once.

The package testcase suites can be found as always on the tracker [3]

You should find that the testcases are right for the version we 
currently have - _if they need tweaking_, this is NOT cause to report a 
bug on the package tracker - _report a bug against the testcase itself_,

Finally, if you are in a position, like me, to run the dev version more 
or less constantly - when you are using an application - take a look at 
the Package Tracker - read the testcase - if you have covered, or more 
than covered the test, please do report that.

As always - *unreported tests don't count.*



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