Upgrade Testing - only 1/2 GB RAM????

Robin robin.arnaud at gmx.com
Thu Jan 30 16:48:17 UTC 2014


Yes, LOL, only a 1/2 GB of RAM.  I wrote a blog post about my little 
adventure at http://wp.me/p2fr89-4T

I actually reduced the swapping manually, from the default 60 to 5. That 
has made a nice difference in performance even on this old relic.

Elfy offers:

 >> You really don't have to do all the wiki hardware stuff - as long as 
you've got an SSO account then you can report to the tracker. <<

If you can provide a direct link to that I'd be grateful, and happy to 
add to the tracker.  I thought I had bookmarked it but I guess not.

Thank you,

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