Upgrade testing contradiction (update-manager -d -c)

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 09:36:19 UTC 2014

I am not sure if this would be classified as a bug in update-manager
version 1:0.194 (Saucy) or an annoying feature.

In *12.04.02 LTS*, when I ran `update-manager -d -c`, whether updates to
the current release are pending or not, I was presented with the option
of selecting the release upgrade to 14.04.  In affect, the pending
12.04.03 updates were ignored.

In *13.10*, there is no way to ignore pending updates while running
`update-manager -d -c`.  The user will not be notified of the 14.04
release until all updates have been installed.

So ..... bug or feature?
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