Some remarks on beta 1

PK pliniusminor at
Fri Feb 28 22:51:07 UTC 2014

Overall: beta 1 is already a fine release! Thanks for this excellent piece
of work.

Just a few remarks:

- an important setting for power manager is wrong: when a battery is
present, the battery indicator should always show by default. Now it
doesn't. Not when it's charging, and not when it's discharging.
Now, you have to go to Settings - Power Manager - General - General Options
- System tray icon and change the setting to: When battery is present.

- the mousewheel-rollup feature should be disabled by default, as it's
baffling for new Xubuntu users.
Upstream (Xfce) has graciously provided us with a graphical means of
enabling or disabling it (Window Manager Tweaks - tab Accessibility - Use
mouse wheel on title bar to roll up the window). But it should be off by
default, not on.

- the "Save session for future logins" checkbox should be removed from the
logout dialog window.
It confuses new users who don't understand its purpose, then inadvertently
check it and as a consequence are baffled by multiple applications that
launch automatically on login.

Apart from that, it's a fine release. :-)

Regards, Pjotr.
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