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I numbered the items from Lutz for reference.

1. True in the Beta 1 ISO too.  Easy to install but ditto the question
even though I never use it myself.  Why am I asking?  The help pages in
the 'buntu sites often include instructions to use `gksu`.  Hard to
erase every page!  Cheaper to just include it in support of the

2. Selecting from a list of users instead of typing the user name - why
is this an issue?  Have you lost a function?  Just personal
preferences?  Are you actually older than me???? [(-:].

3. See http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-14-04-beta-1/.  Both menulibre
and alacarte are installed in Beta 1.  Pick your poison.

4. I agree with you but that's ME and not necessarily Princess Leia! 
Frankly, I wish that they were BOTH installed so that I didn't have to
remember to install my favorite package manager GUI (synaptic).


On 02/28/2014 10:21 AM, Lutz Andersohn wrote:
> Just installed a clean 14.04 Alpha-2 and noted a few things:
> 1. gksu is not installed by default. Is that by design?
> 2. lightdm greeter: I like the old style logon window, where I just
> get a text box to type in a user name instead of list with names to
> select from. In 12.04 I could configure the lightdm greeter to do
> that, however, those config items (greeter-hide-users=true) didn't
> seem to do anything in 14.04. Also by design?
> 3. The default app configured to edit the menu is menuLibre. However,
> Menulibre is not installed and the system reverts back to alacarte.
> Probably a good thing since MenuLibre crashes for me all the time
> trying to add launchers.
> 4. Just a personal preferences, and I know it's past the point where
> it mattered: I do not like Ubuntu Software Center and much prefer
> synaptic. Wish it was still included in the default distro.
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