SMB / Samba GUI browsing within Xfce?

Michael Lueck mlueck at
Thu Feb 27 20:24:44 UTC 2014


A while back I asked about SMB / Samba GUI browsing navigation support within Xfce.

As point of reference on that request, please see Gnome Nautilus.

Is there some equivalent way to navigate a "smb://delta/mp3" type path within an Xfce GUI navigator, or is that at this point a Nautilus-only capability?

Oh... "I see!!" said the blind man. I just manually entered an "smb://delta/mp3" type URL into an Xfce File Manager, and I am prompted for my Samba credentials, up comes files/dirs on that share! :-)

So, there was in Gnome2 ala up to Ubuntu 10.04 a "Connect to..." applet which would create a number of GUI short cut / connections, including SMB type connection icons. Is there the equivalent of that 
in Xfce, or does one need to know the Xfce File Manager supports "smb://delta/mp3" type URL's to be entered free hand? Obviously I did not until just now. Thank you.


Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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