[Bulk] In-flight: XP to 7

Michael Fischer fischerfm at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 15 17:42:00 UTC 2014



    keep the promises of the release notes


    be part of the Ubuntu community or leave the Ubuntu software base -
    be clear


    want to go after the XP base - know the base and their desires and
    needs, before assuming things. Have hard facts.

I'd appreciate if members here do not get defensive when bugs (in the 
docs or the kernel versions) are communicated. And having Xubuntu 
12.04.4 LTS with kernel version 3.2.0 is by all standards a bug. Proof: 
there is no information in the docs about leaving the Ubuntu 12.04.4 
software base with an outdated kernel version.



On 15.02.2014 18:02, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> Richard, while your analysis and experiences might be interesting for 
> some, please discuss it further in the users mailing list, where 
> discussion on non-development issues are welcome.
> Michael, please reconsider your attitude. If you can't bring anything 
> to the discussion except snarky and/or unconstructive comments, please 
> do not post to this list.
> Cheers,
> Pasi
> On 15/02/14 18:34, Michael Fischer wrote:
>> I had no success to find any hard market numbers on the XP->Xubuntu 
>> migration on non-PAE platforms so far. It seems clear, however, that 
>> the Xubuntu image resulting from the 12.04.4 cheat is most likely: A 
>> Very Good Computing Enviroment for Written-off Hardware. There is a 
>> market for that. An interesting one? I doubt.
>> FMF
>> On 15.02.2014 17:05, Richard Elkins wrote:
>>> USA Notes .....
>>> People who survey and keep track of statistics are reporting that 
>>> home XP users have been and still are taking the easy technological 
>>> route of upgrading to 7, either legally or illegally.  I doubt if 
>>> many home Windows users are thinking about GNU/Linux at all.  
>>> Resistance to change and expense is at play.
>>> Hardly anyone realizes that their Android phones are running a Linux 
>>> kernel.  This is similar to the fact that MacOS and iOS users do not 
>>> realize that their machines are running an offshoot of BSD Unix.  
>>> People just look at the eye candy and believe that this is the "system".
>>> Commercial use is a different story.  Many businesses are buying new 
>>> or converting to Linux.  Faster, more secure, and not more expensive 
>>> than Windows.  IBM and Redhat have benefited hugely from this 
>>> continuing trend.  The commercial desktops, however, are upgraded 
>>> from XP to 7 "enterprise edition".  Corporate America is locked into 
>>> Microsoft Office and Exchange for the foreseeable future.
>>> Ask anyone on the street in America "what is Linux" and you'll 
>>> usually get a blank look.  I often have trouble in social situations 
>>> explaining what I do.
>>> For Linux and BSD Unix users and fans, there is still a tall 
>>> mountain to climb, especially in communications.
>>> Richard the pessimist (sometimes)
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