[Bulk] In-flight: XP to 7

Michael Fischer fischerfm at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 15 16:34:39 UTC 2014

I had no success to find any hard market numbers on the XP->Xubuntu 
migration on non-PAE platforms so far. It seems clear, however, that the 
Xubuntu image resulting from the 12.04.4 cheat is most likely: A Very 
Good Computing Enviroment for Written-off Hardware. There is a market 
for that. An interesting one? I doubt.


On 15.02.2014 17:05, Richard Elkins wrote:
> USA Notes .....
> People who survey and keep track of statistics are reporting that home 
> XP users have been and still are taking the easy technological route 
> of upgrading to 7, either legally or illegally.  I doubt if many home 
> Windows users are thinking about GNU/Linux at all.  Resistance to 
> change and expense is at play.
> Hardly anyone realizes that their Android phones are running a Linux 
> kernel.  This is similar to the fact that MacOS and iOS users do not 
> realize that their machines are running an offshoot of BSD Unix.  
> People just look at the eye candy and believe that this is the "system".
> Commercial use is a different story.  Many businesses are buying new 
> or converting to Linux.  Faster, more secure, and not more expensive 
> than Windows.  IBM and Redhat have benefited hugely from this 
> continuing trend.  The commercial desktops, however, are upgraded from 
> XP to 7 "enterprise edition".  Corporate America is locked into 
> Microsoft Office and Exchange for the foreseeable future.
> Ask anyone on the street in America "what is Linux" and you'll usually 
> get a blank look.  I often have trouble in social situations 
> explaining what I do.
> For Linux and BSD Unix users and fans, there is still a tall mountain 
> to climb, especially in communications.
> Richard the pessimist (sometimes)

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