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Elfy ub.untu at btinternet.com
Mon Feb 10 20:35:23 UTC 2014

As alluded to in a previous mail to the Xubuntu Development mailing list 
it's now the turn of *Upgrade* testing.

To see the upgrade tests, go to 
http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds and ensure that 
the filter on the left has Upgrade ticked.

There are 2 types of upgrade testing available for _both 32 and 64 bit_. 
We need both sets tested.

  * Upgrade from LTS - that is 12.04 to the current dev version
  * Upgrade from 13.10 to 12.04

Ensure that before you start testing that the installed system is 
updated and upgraded as appropriate.

While testing via a virtual machine proves the upgrade, it would be 
better/where it is possible/ that tests are undertaken in a real world 
scenario - that is - how you might have set up your machine.

There is no specific timeframe for these upgrade tests - like Dailies - 
they are there ... daily. During the 2 remaining milestones we will take 
part in, Beta 1 and Final Beta, upgrade testing will be in the tracker 
milestone build applicable at that time.

*If you are intending to test on a machine you use - then please make 
sure to have suitable backups. *



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