Fwd: [RFC] 12.04.5

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Sat Feb 8 10:56:47 UTC 2014

On 08/02/14 04:28, Stephen Michael Kellat wrote:
> [snip]
> If a .5 release falls outside our support window, we need to sound off
> to Steve Langasek and Leann Ogasawara that we will **not** be
> participating in this.  I didn't have much time to compose thoughts
> while I was on my lunch break in the basement bunker cafeteria.
> Frankly this would be a distraction for our users who we want to have
> moving onward to 14.04, in my view.
> My participation this cycle has been less than expected due to
> unexpected changes arising.  Looking forward, though, I do think it is
> time to begin wrapping up the Precise Pangolin era as we head into
> Trusty Tahr.  We've got a year of overlap for people to transition and
> that should be good enough.  Debian may decide the dreaded init debate
> ( http://shed.bike/init/ ) by the time support for Xubuntu 12.04 ends
> even.
> Stephen Michael Kellat

I don't think it falls *outside* the support cycle, but if it's released
in the same rate as the other point releases, it will be released when
just 6 months of support time is left for our users. I don't know if
it's worth much for us to try to get new stuff in just for that timeframe.


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