Xubuntu community meeting, Sunday December 7, 18:00 UTC

Simon Steinbeiß simon at xfce.org
Sun Dec 7 12:33:48 UTC 2014

Hey everyone,

I'm very sorry but for RL reasons I can't make the meeting at 18:00 UTC as scheduled.
I will be in #xubuntu-devel during the day and also one hour before the meeting, so if enough of you make it there, we could have it at 17:00 UTC.

In any case, I'll do a write-up of my goings-on so it'll be easier to have the meeting without me and I'll try to find someone to chair instead of me today.
If nobody is there to chair, we can hold an informal meeting and I'll schedule another one with me chairing for the upcoming week.

Again, sorry :(

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