Light Locker Broken/What is Light Locker

Jeff Hanson jeff at
Wed Aug 27 21:14:57 UTC 2014

Another issue we came across putting together our new image of 14.04.1:

We set up our computers so that anyone can pick it up and use it without
needing permission/passord. So there is an Auto login, and basically never
locks the screen unless you hit the lock button.

So we go into the power settings and Light Locker setting and tell it to
never blank the screen and not to lock the screen when awaking. Basically
all of the settings are set to never dim/sleep/lock/hibernate etc. for our
base image.

But even with these settings in light locker, if I close the lid on "any"
laptop, it goes goes to sleep. When you open it, it brings you to the login
screen, you login and then the screen goes black and you have to hard reset
the laptop.

This obviously causes an unruly amount of confusion and frustration in a
new computer lab with new users.

If we disable light locker all together the problem goes away and
everything works according to settings.

So as far as we can tell, light locker is broken and we end up disabling it
right away.

Hope this is helpful info and would love to hear your thoughts! (Definately
not a critical issue as we're able to fix it without touching the keyboard)

Thank You,
Jeff Hanson
Director of Operations
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