And the winner is..... Xubuntu!

PK pliniusminor at
Fri Apr 25 22:40:30 UTC 2014

Distrowatch will review Xubuntu:

"Last week we mentioned our intention to review Ubuntu's main edition along
with one community edition and opened the selection of which community
distribution would be reviewed to a vote. In total, 70 people e-mailed in
votes and nearly half the entries (after duplicate votes by people spamming
the system were removed) were for Xubuntu <>.
The Xubuntu project received 34 votes, followed by
Lubuntu<>with 12 and
Kubuntu <> with 11. Six people wrote in
support for Ubuntu GNOME <>. Ubuntu
Ubuntu Server and Mythbuntu <> each
received one vote. The Zorin <> OS distribution
also received a vote, despite not being an official Ubuntu community
As a result of these votes, in the coming weeks we will be featuring
reviews of Ubuntu and Xubuntu."


Nice! This will undoubtedly help the marketing of Xubuntu.  :-)

Regards, Pjotr.
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