Call for Xubuntu Project Lead nominations

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Thu Apr 24 22:13:57 UTC 2014


this is the official call for Xubuntu Project Lead nominations. Per the
Xubuntu Strategy Document [1], The elected Project Lead will lead the
Xubuntu team for two years, until the next LTS release, 16.04.


The Xubuntu Strategy Document says the following about nominations:
"Nominations may be submitted by individuals nominating themselves or
someone else with their consent. Anybody in the community can nominate,
but the nominee must be an active member of at least one Xubuntu subteam
(excluding Xubuntu users)." [2]

The nominations should be sent to this email list
(xubuntu-devel at [3], along with a link to a nominee
wikipage, which has at least the following information [4]:
 * A brief history of the nominee in the FOSS world
 * Activities in any relevant teams
 * Thoughts about the Xubuntu development, including the biggest
challenges and possibilities
 * Areas of interest as a XPL, including any changes the nominee is
wishing to see in the team


The timeframe for nominations is set to two weeks, thus, the last day
for nominations can be done is 8th of May, 2014 at latest at 18UTC.

The voting will start on the meeting on the same day and run for 24
consecutive hours. Everybody in the Xubuntu team [5] can vote.

The team reserves the right to end the voting prematurely if more than
50% of the team has voted on a single nominee. To allow the team members
thorough considering time, the nominations should be sent as soon as


For more information on Xubuntu Project lead, nominating, or related
issues, refer to the XPL section on the Xubuntu Strategy Document [2],
send an email to this list [3], or if you want to ask privately, to
xubuntu-devel-owner at

On behalf of the Xubuntu team,
Pasi Lallinaho


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